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Executive Officers

Staff Officers

K Hill.jpg
Kenny Hill

Assistant Chief:


B Boudreaux.jpg
Brian Boudreaux

Assistant Chief:


T Henry.jpg
Toby Henry

Chief of EMS

M Palmer.jpg
Mike Palmer

Chief of Fire Prevention

T Guidry.jpg
R Valenti.jpg
A Schmitt.jpg
B Tinkes.jpg
Tim Guidry

Fire Prevention Officer

Richard Valenti

Fire Prevention Officer

Adam Schmitt

Training Officer

Brent Tinkes

Special Services Officer

Sweet Lou.jpg
Louis Eschette

E.M.S. Officer

G Boudreaux.jpg
Gregory Boudreaux

Special Services

Batallion Chiefs

J Poiencot.jpg
John Poiencot

A-Shift Battalion Chief

C Melancon.jpg
Chris Melancon

B-Shift Battalion Chief

C Hebert.jpg
Cody Hebert

C-Shift Battalion Chief

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