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Main Station

Station 1, built in 2001, is located at 6166 W. Main St. In January of 2002 it became known as "Bayou Cane Central Station". Station 1 is the home of Battalion 1, Engine 11, Squad 11, and Tower 11. It is a dual purpose station, which houses the Fire Chief, Assistant Chiefs, and Records Clerk as well as the Fire Prevention, Training, and Special Services Divisions. The administrative staff is on duty, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for any administrative inquiries.


Our department’s training facility consisting of a classroom, drill tower, burn building, and several firefighting props is also located here.


Station 2

Station 2 is located at 4617 W. Park Avenue which is in the north section of the district. The Property was donated in 1983 by the Wright family and in 1984 a station was built. In 2011, the station was completely torn down due to major structural failures, mold, and was rebuilt to the current building codes. This station is the home of Truck 22, a 2015 77’ Aerial Ferrara Chassis.


Station 3

Station 3 is located at 1214 Savanne Rd. just off of Hwy 311 in the North West area of our district. Station 3’s property was donated by the McLain Family in 1982 and the station was built in 1984. After some interior issues with mold and old materials, the station was gutted and remodeled in 2011 to the new building codes. This station is the home Truck 33, a 2009 57’ Aerial Ferrara Chassis.


Station 4

Station 4 is located at 123 North Hollywood Rd. in the South East are of the district. The Station was erected in 1998. It was paid for by the Volunteers then later donated to the district. This station is still well kept and maintained. It is the Home of Truck 44, a 2015 Aerial Ferrara Chassis. Our fire prevention trailer and Squad 44.

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